Aoi Trio is becoming one of the most promising chamber music ensembles in their age after receiving the first prize at the prestigious 67th ARD International music competition in Munich, 2018.
Aoi Trio was founded in 2016 at Tokyo University of the Arts by violinist Kyoko Ogawa, cellist Yu Ito, and pianist Kosuke Akimoto after receiving 2 years course of Suntory Hall’s Chamber Music Academy program. “Aoi” refers to the initial letters of their individual family name and is also a name of a flower in Japanese which has the meaning of “aspiration” or “fruitful” as its flower language.
They have received number of praises for their performance in the ARD competition and for their recital at Suntory Hall in December 2018. They have performed in many cities around the world including Tokyo, Nagoya, Sapporo in Japan, and in Munich, Bayreuth, Baden-Baden, Cologne, Hitzacker Summer Music Festival in Germany. For the highlight of this season, Aoi Trio is invited to play at numerous concert venues including The Phoenix Hall, Biwako Hall, Regensburg, Hamburg and some halls in Europe. Additionally, they are scheduled to perform Beethoven’s concerto with Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in 2021.
Aoi Trio has released two recordings “Haydn No. 27 and Schubert No. 2” and “Beethoven No. 1 and Mendelssohn No. 2” which were highly recommended in several music medias. They received Aoyama Music Award and Nippon Steel Music Award for their accomplishments in their broad activities and for their promising future.
They have received musical inspirations and guidance from Kei Itoh, Kenji Nakagi, Wakako Hanada, Koichiro Harada, Masafumi Hori, Katsuya Matsubara and Nobuko Yamazaki. Since April 2019, they are based in Germany and currently studies with Dirk Mommertz (Faure Quartett) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich along with lessons under Vincent Coq (Trio Wanderer).







これまでに伊藤恵、中木健二、花田和加子、原田幸一郎、堀正文、松原勝也、山崎伸子に学ぶ。現在は拠点をドイツに移し、トリオ・ヴァンダラーのV. コックに学ぶほか、ミュンヘン音楽・演劇大学でフォーレ四重奏団のD. モメルツに師事しながら国内外で活動している。